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Audio Messages

Sunday Morning and Evening Messages

1-5-14 am, The Faithful Christian Soldier

1-12-14 God's Building Plans

1-19-14 Who Is On The Lord's Side

The Seventh Day Adventist

2-2-14 am, The Blessedness of Giving

2-2-14 pm, The Problem With Calvinism

2-16-14 pm, The Truth About False Doctrine

2-23-14 am, God Is Love

2-23-14 pm, Is Mormonism Christian

2-9-14 am, The Treasures of the Snow

2-9-14 pm, The Jehovah's Witnesses

3-16-14 am, The First Missionary

3-2-14 am, Same Vision Rebooted, 53rd Anniversary Sunday

3-2-14 pm, Passing The Baton, Brother Tim Ouellette

3-30-14 am, The Changing of the Guard

3-9-14 am, The Sacrificial Life

4-13-14 am, The Cross and the Crown

4-20-14 am, Because He Lives, Easter Sunday

4-20-14 pm, Heaven

4-6-14 am, Is This The Terminal Generation

4-27-14 am, The Trees of God

5-4-14 am, The Sanctification of the Believer

5-4-14 pm, Which Bible Should We Use

5-11-14 am, A Vessel of Honor

5-11-14 pm, A Mother's Role

5-18-14 am, Greater Vision

5-25-14 am, In Honor of Heroes

5-25-14 pm, God Ordained Government

6-1-14 am, The Heavenly Mind